How to duplicate a page in WordPress

Creating a duplicate page or post from your existing content is quite useful. However, this feature isn’t available in WordPress by default. Luckily there are many methods to add this feature in WordPress. And they are all free! In this article, we will tell you how so hold on and continue reading.

Using a plugin to duplicate page or post

Probably the easiest way to start duplicating pages or posts is by a plugin. Once the plugin has been activated you can start cloning posts and pages with one click!

1. Duplicate Post Plugin

Duplicate Post Plugin is the goto plugin for duplicating either posts or pages. This is the plugin that I personally use as well when I need to create duplicates of my existing content.

Duplicate post plugin

As to date, it has over three million updates and has been tested with the latest WordPress version (5.3).

Download link

2. Post duplicator

Not as popular plugin as Duplicate Post but still does the same trick. Supports custom post types and also copies all the taxonomy fields as well as the custom fields. An especially good option for those who might have custom post types in use that also use custom fields.

Post duplicator

Download link

Duplicating a post or page without a plugin

Coming soon …