Setting up proper analytics tracking is important for every website. Learn how to setup analytics properly with Wordpress.

Why use Analytics with Wordpress

Whether you are running a blog or an eCommerce store with Wordpress, it is useful to collect data of your site’s visitors. Without a proper analytics tracking it is really hard to measure the growth of your Wordpress site. Also the improvements on your website should be based more towards the visitors behaviour instead of guessing what to do next.

What web analytics to use with Wordpress?

There are still a few options out there to pick from, but Google Analytics has become more or less the industry standard. On top of the Google Analytics tool itself, Google also provides training sessions and material through their Google Partners portal. Checkout Google Partners -portal whether analytics contact sessions are available within your country.

Setting up Google Analytics is quite straight forward and WPTipster tells you have to do it. We recommend that you do it with Google Tag Manager to future proof your site, but this is of course not the only solution.

Setting up goals

Planning a proper strategy for analytics is important and setting up goals for your site is smart, even if you wouldn’t be running eCommerce site that has more obvious goals compared to a blog for example. Another way to extend Google Analytics is to add event tracking on specific buttons and other inputs on your website. With Google Tag Manager this is easier to do, as there is no need to always ask the developers to add more code on your site. This can be done via Tag Manager.

To extended Google Analytics add the following:

  • Goals tracking
  • Event tracking

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