SEO (search engine optimization), is probably the the most important thing to every website. WPTipster gives you tips and guides how to improve your search engine presence.

Why SEO is important for Wordpress?

Not just for Wordpress, as mentioned before, SEO is important for every website. Users need to be able to find your website from the mass, if they don’t find your site, the site doesn’t really serve for anything. A website without any visitors is like another tree in the forest. Nobody really knows where it is and how it looks.

Nowadays SEO pretty much means Google optimization as the industry does not really care for other search engines. However, other channels should not be under estimated as they still provide a nice source for traffic. For local businesses, map optimization is important while film makers may want to rank well in Youtube. Youtube is actually at the moment the second largest search engine based on searches made.

Onsite vs Offsite SEO

In most cases, SEO is divided between onsite and offsite. Onsite literally means everything that happens onsite and this is where WPTipster mainly focuses as well. Since smart engines are getting smarter and smarter every year, onsite SEO takes more and more effort. Content as well as the site performance needs to be up to par. Luckily WPTipster will tell you how to succeed in this. Offsite on the other hands means everything that happens offsite. For example link building can be considered an offsite SEO effort.

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